Choose a Member to Pretend to be, to "Test Drive":

Below are three Pretend Identities randomly pulled from our Pretend Members in
Wallace, Tatamagouche, River John, West Branch, and Earltown.

Pick Me!

Rush from Tatamagouche
Age: 16-25, drives a 2019 Toyota Matrix
Usual Destinations: Halifax, Truro, New Glasgow, Pictou,
"Most of my days I'm a Farrower. Mostly love it. Much better than my old job of office aide. Days off I enjoy Creative Writing, or Travel."

Pick Me!

Mira from River John
Age: 40-60, drives a 2017 Chevrolet Metro
Usual Destinations: Tatamagouche, New Glasgow, Pictou, Halifax,
"I like to Weld in my free time, and am trying to figure out how to break into Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Stores sales."

Pick Me!

Kayden from West Branch
Age: 25-40, drives a 2017 Chevrolet Traverse
Usual Destinations: River John, Tatamagouche, Pictou, New Glasgow, Halifax,
"Baking, Origami, Camping, Bread Making also Photography"

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So you can "test drive" this beta version of Rural Carpool, we invented 115 names and bios, constructed thousands of Trips and their descriptions, and randomly generated some Trip Chats. Most everything works (except email notifications), for any identity you choose to use to "test drive." Your job is to try it out, realize its potential, and then
sign up to be part of the Launch in June!

Feel free to play around, and don't worry -- we re-initialize the Demo database routinely. You can't do any harm. So feel free to edit or update any Member, Trip, Chat or other information, to make the Member more interesting, more unique, or more grammatically correct (or just to see what happens)!

We think Rural Carpool has the possibility to save our community substantial $$$ and CO2. We hope you agree!