“. . . from hamlet to village to town to city --
and then back home again.”
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Defining the "Rural" in RuralCarpool.com

Rural Carpool currently aims to help Drivers in smaller rural communities (those living in Hamlets, Villages, and small Towns) self-organize to share long roundtrips to the larger Towns, Cities, and Metros, to which they already travel periodically, often alone.

Rural Carpool is not yet optimized -- or even appropriately designed -- for commuters, or to deal with the needs of Carpool transit within a large town or city, nor is it optimized -- though possibly serviceable -- for people traveling from Urban to Rural communities. That will depend mostly on the frequency and number of urban Drivers going to the same region of smaller communities.

The table below outlines the (admittedly porous) definitional boundaries.

RuralHamletspop. < 300Often just "named crossroads," or a micro-region, or where a village once was. May have a church, a community hall, a storefront or two.From
Villagespop. 500May have an everything-grocery-gas station, a business or two, a local cafeFrom
Tiny Townspop. 800A grocery store, gas station, local businesses, a couple of restaurantsFrom
Rural-UrbanSmall Townspop. 1,000+A grocery store, gas station, drug store, bank, hardware store, restaurantsFrom/To
Townspop. 5,000+Lawyers/doctors/dentist offices, gas stations, strip malls, drug stores, banks, hardware stores, restaurantsTo/From
UrbanCitiespop. 10,000+enclosed mall(s), specialty stores, coffee shops, movie theatres, taxis, busesTo
Metrospop. 250,000+Airport, bus/tram/subways, megamalls, concerts/theatreTo
These are very general ranges, and there are many exceptions to the above. That's why every Hub has local humans crafting the Hub's regional boundaries, and choosing what target towns and cities make the most sense to include.

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